Gienger, Michael:
Gemstone Healing
(englische Ausgabe von "Heilsteine - Kraft & Wirkung");

Gienger, Michael: Gemstone Healing (englische Ausgabe von "Heilsteine - Kraft & Wirkung")

Aquamarine helps to combat allergies, amber improves sleep and amethyst promotes clear thinking, but what is the most effective way of using healing crystals? GEMSTONE HEALING is the first guide to list the full range of applications for 36 crystals and will provide all the answers you need.

* A beginner’s guide to healing crystals: understand their effects and learn how to choose, use and look after them properly. Discover the healing powers of each crystal: as medicinal jewellery, for physical or mental healing and for help with sleep, as gemstone water or in massage.
* Improve well-being: healing gemstones for meditation, for protective crystal circles and for a healthy environment
* Use 36 gemstones with confidence in every life situation

Extent: 104 pages
Binding: Paperback
Size:169 x 213 mm portrait, full colour with front and back cover flaps

Published price: £9.99/ US$ 15.95 / 14,95 €

ISBN: 978-1-84409-646-6

Artikelnr. 162611
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