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Stone of the Month March 2019: Apatite

The first warm rays of the sun awaken nature to new life. The first challenges have passed - maybe a new path has been taken to reach the planned goals. Commenced developments show first results and small successes can be seen.

Apatite is a good companion when it comes to shedding the apathy of winter and shaping the own life actively and diversely. It brings about the necessary openness and sociability to leave behind misery, listlessness and routine and to turn the attention to the pleasant aspects of life together with others. Flexibility and the ability to self-conquer are strengthened - with the help of the stone, maybe a new hobby can be discovered, interesting people can be met or some other enrichment is experienced which can make life more diverse.

Apatite is available in many colours e.g. blue, yellow, green or pink. By far most popular in retail and wholesale is the blue apatite.

In crystal healing the apatite is used as a charmstone to increase motivation and to reach a stable activity level. Another well-known use is the benefit when lethargic or apathetic because the blue-green mineral mobilizes energy reserves and also strengthens independence and determination.

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Apatite got its name from Abraham Gottlieb Werner in 1786, who derived the name from the greek word „apato“ which translated means „deceive“. Previously the stone was often confused with other minerals e.g. beryl and calcite. That is also the reason why there is no clear historical record of the applications and the effects of apatite. 

Chemical Formula: Ca5(F,CI,OH)[PO4]3

Mineral Class
: Phosphate

Generation: magmatically, in cavities of vulcanites, in pegmatites and pneumatolytic formations, to some extent large crystals on fissures and hydrothermal veins.

Colour: all colours and also colourless however mostly blue, green and occasionally yellow

Shine: Vitreous or glassy

Crystal System: hexagonal

Mohs’s Hardness: 5

Cleavebility: imperfect or perfect; depending on orientation

Main Countries of Origin: Brazil, Canada, Russia

Appearance: Crystals, mostly short or long columnar, coarse, grainy masses, microscopically small in many rocks.

Application: As an important resource in the chemical industry, apatite is used for phosphate fertilizers. The apatite variety, hydroxyapatite, is used in the medical field as a bone substitute (bone graft) or as a coating of implants made from titanium.

For jewelry purposes, mostly blue and green, sometimes also yellow apatite crystals are used. Because of its low hardness - the mineral can easily be scratched with a knife - the apatite is only rarely faceted.

In astrology the apatite promotes motivation and incentive to Pisces born.

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