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Tumbled Stones Prehnite (extra), 3,0 - 4,0cm (XL)
Product number 011230202
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Tumbled Stones Prehnite (extra), 3,0 - 4,0cm (XL)

Prehnite - the perfect support for the month of May!

According to gem stone healing the light green prehnite helps us to pause in the busy spring time a moment when repressed memories and images from the depths come to light. Unpleasant findings can be assumed easier with his help, so that we're ultimately strengthened in our self-consciousness from this period. The sometimes necessary analytical and sober approach is strengthened with the help of this stone, so that we are able to perceive the impressions from our environment faster and more differentiated.

Hornblende contained in many Prehnites helps to resolve feelings of inner conflict and tension by giving each inner impulse enough space so that finally the successful unity and integration of all aspects of personality can be achived.

Tumbled stones are a beautiful decoration and are suitable for a range of gem stone healing applications: You can meditate with single stones or in a stone circle and you can use them a pocket stones ...

Very fine quality: transparent light green, many stones with hornblende inclusions
Stone Size: appr. 3 - 4cm (XL)
0,5kg/packing unit