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Tumbled Stones Fluorite Opal (Tiffany Stone), 2,5 - 3,0cm (XL)
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Tumbled Stones Fluorite Opal (Tiffany Stone), 2,5 - 3,0cm (XL)

The Tiffany Stone consists mainly of opalescent fluoride and was discovered in the beginning of the 1970’s. The basic color is purple with yellow-brown and black Beryllium veins. The beige-brown parts consist of jasper.

The purple-colored stone got its name from Tod Harris, the foreman of the Brush Wellman mine - the best known location of the fluorite opal. He recognized the potential of these beautifully marked stones and was of the opinion that only very few people would remember „Bertrandite“, the mineralogical name of the Tiffany Stones. After some consideration, he christened the stone „Tiffany Stone“ – a name which in his opinion was eleganter and easier to remember.

Beryllium was mined for industrial purposes in the Brush Wellman mine which is situated in western Utah in the USA and has meanwhile been closed. Since then a second location for fluorite opal, the Spore Mountain Lavender Mines, has been found close by.

Popular synonyms are „Purple Passion“ and „Purple Opal“.

In modern crystal healing the Tiffany Stone is used to promote playful freedom, easiness and gentleness. It strengthens intuition and being in the „here and now“, makes inventive and overcomes prejudices.

Size of stones appr. 2,5 - 3cm.
Pack with 0,5 kg; appr. 27 - 30 stones