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Tumbled Stone Garnet drilled
Tumbled Stone Garnet drilled
Product number 0408293002
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Tumbled Stone Garnet drilled

Drilled gemstones are whether as a cabochon, geometric or free-form, engraved or tumbled, raw or faceted, besides donuts for years the most popular stone parts of our customers. No wonder: just worn on a (coloured) leather or silk cord, they are already an eye catcher, put on a gold or silver choker a seemingly simple stone turns in no time an elegant and unique jewelry piece. Just try!

Garnet variety: Almandine
According to crystal healing almandine strengthens the will power, so that your goals and ideas can be successfully implemented against external resistors.

Size of stones: appr. 2,5 - 3cm
Drilled hole: appr. 2,5mm

Please note: From 6 pieces on you'll get the even more favourable bulk price!