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Cabochon Drop Nephrite (Indonesia) drilled, appr. 5,5cm
Product number 0411695614
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Cabochon Drop Nephrite (Indonesia) drilled, appr. 5,5cm

Samples of this new material from Indonesia we get tested at EPI (Institut für Edelsteinprüfung). The examination of Dipl.Mineraloge Bernhard Bruder revealed that the material is nephrite. Unlike nephrite from other sites (for example, Canada), the iron content is significantly lower. This suggests that it is this kind of nephrite is felted aggregate of tremolite, the iron-free or low-iron type of Aktinoliths. Both minerals form a mixed batch, so that there can be nephrite with different contents of iron, depending on whether the tremolite predominates, or just the aktinolite. Nephrite is defined as fine felted aggregate of said minerals.

Mineralogical the investigated material is a tremolite with chromite inclusions.

Modern crystal healing by Michael Gienger knows the nephrite as stone for inner balance, which can help you with indecision and doubt.