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Cabochon Drop Eclipse (stab.) drilled, appr. 4,0cm
Product number 0432495614
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Cabochon Drop Eclipse (stab.) drilled, appr. 4,0cm

Eclipse stabilized

Eclipse originates from volcanic steam vents as fine-grained precipitation of yellow orpiment (arsenic sulfide) on dark limestone (aragonite). Formula/ Mineral Class: Orpiment: As2S3, Sulfides and Aragonite CaCO3, carbonates, volcanic ash and manganese and iron oxide. Main supplier country: Java (Indonesia)

Orpiment has been used as a dye and elixir since antiquity. Due to its interesting designs in yellow-orange and black it nowadays serves as eclipse (orpiment lime) mainly as a gemstone e.g. as drilled cabochon. Before grinding, the rough stones are impregnated to prevent leakage of undesirable substances. Wearing a stone is therefore quite safe. Orpiment is insoluble in water and therefore non toxic in a pure, well-crystallized state. It is also not readily soluble in acids and is not decomposed by gastric acids in the stomach.

PLEASE NOTE: Rough eclipse stones are not suitable for preparing gemstone water through immersion; here for example, the test-tube or induction methods should be used. The stone is not suitable for use as a toy by children.

In modern stone healing eclipse is used to improve vitality, performance and intensity of life. In astrology eclipse is used to stimulate the regeneration power of Scorpio.

Size of stone: appr. 4cm
Size of drilled hole: appr. 3mm

Please note that each stone is unique and may therefore vary slightly from stone to stone in colour, shape, pattern and size.