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Cabochon Drop Stichtite B drilled, appr. 4,0cm
Product number 0438995628
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Cabochon Drop Stichtite B drilled, appr. 4,0cm

The Stichtite is a real newcomer in the crystal healing. His subjects are mainly inner peace and emotional openness. The astrology assigns it to the Virgin and the balance.
The raw material for the drilled stones comes from South Africa, in some stones there are attractive serpentine inclusions to find. Each piece is individually ground due to the structure of the rough stone by hand, so that the drops may vary slightly in shape.

The trade is often found Stichtite only "in The Matrix." Get therefore now your supply of solid Stichtite!

Hole appr. 2.2 mm
Size of the stone appr. 4cm


From 6 pieces you get the more favorable bulk price!