Massage Gems-stamp "Anti Stress/Aventurine Quartz" Special offer!

Each stamp contains about 200 grams of genuine gemstones and comes in a small plastic box, so that the customer can take the oily stamp safely home after application.

Aventurine: Anti-Stress, Composure, Resilience
The green aventurine is an ideal stone for relaxation and letting go. It helps in the realization of what prepares us stress and what we do well and makes you happy. Cares and worries are left behind - all things can be tackled strengthened with the necessary rest. Own dreams can be realized relaxed. The inevitable stress of everyday life can be withstood without nervousness and anxiety. Off to new shores!

Product number 0503112400
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By the small and edgy gemstones you give the client a micro akupressur.
The crystal stamps together with the gemstone massage oil of Edelstein Balance is a perfect combination. There you got a deep relaxing effect.