Lightcrystal Dragontear, appr. 45mm, with Nylon thread;

Lightcrystal Dragontear, appr. 45mm, with Nylon thread

Light crystals made of genuine rock crystal are Feng Shui tools and room decorations in one!

The rock crystal is a symbol of purity and clarity. It should help us to arrive at a purified and free mind. Michael Gienger wrote in his fundamental work "Encyclopedia of Healing Stones" this: "The rock crystal conveys a clear perception and a good nose for the right time for the at a moment really important things." When using the rock crystal as Feng Shui tool positive, invigorating Chi'i will be distributed in space. The quartz crystals are therefore ideal as a window decoration.

Ideal for animating the room atmosphere. Each light crystal with transparent nylon thread and declaration cards in german language.

Size about 45 x 28mm

Product number 0503515006
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