Massage Gem Stamp "Regeneration/Epidote Feldspar (Unakite)" Special offer!

Each stamp contains approx. 200 gram genuine gemstones. Also supplied in a small plastic box that your customer can take the oily stamp after the massage with home. There is a short guidance as well as an overview of the stone assortment and topics additional to each stamp.

We recommend to use always two stamps of the same gemstone in one massage.

Epidote: Regeneration, Overcoming crises, performance
The olive-coloured epidote helps to be more patient with yourself and to achieve greater self-knowledge. Step by step one goal is reached after the next. The regeneration ability is strengthened at all levels - crises and lows can be successfully overcome. The own resources can be estimated well, failures are rare and may be better tolerated. Just as one becomes stronger the ability to participate (again) full of joy in life is growing. I'm going!

Product number 0506912400
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By the small and edgy gemstones you give the client a micro akupressur.
The crystal stamps together with the gemstone massage oil of Edelstein Balance is a perfect combination. There you got a deep relaxing effect.