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Phoenix Wing Epidote Feldspar (Unakite)/Regeneration
Phoenix Wing Epidote Feldspar (Unakite)/Regeneration
Phoenix Wing Epidote Feldspar (Unakite)/Regeneration
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Phoenix Wing Epidote Feldspar (Unakite)/Regeneration

The new Phoenix Wing and its complex shape fits perfect in your hand and your lines of hand. This new shape has a large range of different applications: The flat side is suitable for body placements, with the slight ridge on the "wing back" you can perform special strikeouts, the rounded tips make punctual applications very pleasant. This stone is also perfect for energizing the head region, working on the thymus chakra, dissolving energy jams, different types of massages and as a palm stone.

The phoenix wings can be used individually or in pairs.

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Epidote: Regeneration, Overcoming crises, Performance
The olive-coloured epidote helps to be more patient with yourself and to achieve greater self-knowledge. Step by step one goal is reached after the next. The regeneration ability is strengthened at all levels - crises and lows can be successfully overcome. The own resources can be estimated well, failures are rare and may be better tolerated. Just as one becomes stronger the ability to participate (again) full of joy in life is growing. I'm going!

Size appr.: Length 8cm, width 4,5cm, height 2,5cm

If you have estimated massage wands and palm stones you will love this innovative stone shape!