Pair of Eye Stones Sodalite/Self-Determination + Forehead Chakrastone Rock Crystal

Relaxation and wellbeing for the client´s eyes. Combine this application with a cosmetic treatment while the client rests. A wonderful and easy eye treatment with the original Lapis Vitalis eye gemstones.

The new forehead (3rd eye) chakra stone of rock crystal is neutral to other massage stones. Therefore it is an ideal finish for a facial treatment. Rock crystal promotes clarity and understanding - it is the right stone for gaining or keeping the right perspective.

Due to the good price the eye stones are suitable also as a give-away for the customer after the treatment.

Supplied in an attractive Lapis Vitalis gift box with detailed instructions (only in German language).

Size of Eye Stones (slightly concaved): appr. 3,7 x 5cm
Size of Chakra Stone: appr. 3 x 3cm

Product number 0514612049
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