Cold Stone Set large (16 stones, instruction booklet) Special offer!

The set consists of altogether 16 stones:
2 round disks á 10cm,
4 round disks á 7,5cm,
4 round disks á 6,5cm,
2 rectangular stones 3x10cm,
2 rectangular stones 6x10cm and
2 rectangular stones 7x14,5cm.

Massages with cold white marble stones is an attractive extension of the popular Hot-Stone-Massage.

Expertly used cold stones stimulate the energy centers of the body by contrasts of warm and cold stones.

The set will be delivered in a noble transport box. In addition you receive a free information leaflet to the Hot Stone and Fire & Ice Massage.

The cold stones are made from calcite marble.

Product number 0528312050
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Cold inout during massage
With short instruction (also avaible in english)
Product Designer Monika Grundmann