Glasses Chain "Determination & Clarity" (Aquamarine, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quartz)

Glasses Chains - For Better Visibility - Every Day!

Treat yourself to some concentration and perspective in the daily hectic with the Lapis Vitalis® glasses chains and turn a necessary everyday object into a smart accessory with a stone healing background. The composition of the glasses chains is based on decades of tried and tested knowledge of stone healing. Each glasses chain is delivered in the popular Lapis Vitalis® gift box and includes detailed information about the stones used.

Length of chain 62 cm, one double eyelet on each end.

Aquamarine (blue-green Beryl; (latin „aqua marina“ = „water of the sea“)
Beryl lent its name to an invention in the Middle Ages - eyeglasses. The lenses for the first glasses were cut from Beryl, a mineral variety to which, in addition to the emerald, also most sea water blue Aquamarines belong. Aquamarine stands for farsightedness and confidence - characteristics that are gaining increasing importance in the present time. The stone can be used as a support when confusing situations need to be clarified and the wheat sorted from the chaff. It has been reported in ancient legends, that the Aquamarine, by changing its color can indicate truths or lies, friends or foes. New possibilities and opportunities can be recognized more easily and clearly with the aid of this stone. The mineral helps us look into the future with open senses and alert eyes and so doing not neglecting the own goals. With a determined view, commenced issues can be brought to a close quickly and calmly, creating order and a clear overview.

Product number 0600010035
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Each glasses chain comes in a gift box!
Aquamarine, rock crystal and smoky quartz - three popular gemstones!
The loops slip over the temple arm of the glasses.