Glasses Chain "Inner Peace & Attentiveness" (Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quartz)

Glasses Chains - For Better Visibility - Every Day!

Treat yourself to some concentration and perspective in the daily hectic with the Lapis Vitalis® glasses chains and turn a necessary everyday object into a smart accessory with a stone healing background. The composition of the glasses chains is based on decades of tried and tested knowledge of stone healing. Each glasses chain is delivered in the popular Lapis Vitalis® gift box and includes detailed information about the stones used.

Length of chain 62 cm, one double eyelet on each end.

Amethyst (greek „a-methystos“ = „not intoxicated“)
Amethyst is a quartz that is colored purple by traces of iron. True to its name, the purple colored Amethyst stands for sobriety, concentration and mental alertness. It has always been an interest of mankind to process experiences and perceptions and to surround itself with clarifying ritual support. The Amethyst can help direct the attention from the surroundings to the inner being. The inner world of images, nocturnal dreams and other „inherited burdens“ can be processed and clarified - being innerly „tidied up“ allows inner peace and relaxation to assert themselves. The stone can assist in discovering the inner wisdom inherent in every person and to so become alert and open.
Intuition and inspiration are sensitized and the own judgement is thereby strengthened. According to a legend, the Amethyst is to this day still used in the jewelry worn by clergymen because the reputed disillusioning powers of the stone apparently making one pure and honorable.

Product number 0600010036
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Each glasses chain comes in a gift box!
Rock crystal, amethyst and smoky quartz - three popular gemstones!
The loops slip over the temple arm of the glasses.