Glasses Chain "Honesty & Consonance" (Emerald, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quartz)

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Treat yourself to some concentration and perspective in the daily hectic with the Lapis Vitalis® glasses chains and turn a necessary everyday object into a smart accessory with a stone healing background. The composition of the glasses chains is based on decades of tried and tested knowledge of stone healing. Each glasses chain is delivered in the popular Lapis Vitalis® gift box and includes detailed information about the stones used.

Length of chain 62 cm, one double eyelet on each end.

Emerald (greek „smaragdos“ = „green gem“)
The green emerald helps view critical situations as opportunities for renewal and to clearly recognize the required course correction. The stone enables honesty, clarity and farsightedness and can help orientate us. Determination and quick, effective actions are supported. Openness and clairvoyance are strengthened and tensions are compensated. This makes a holistic and harmonious experience of body, spirit and soul possible - energy and zest for life can surge. Harmonious coexistence is encouraged without causing the individuality of each person to suffer or the control over the own existence being relinquished. Together determination and harmony enable the achievement of great things. The Romans associated the emerald with Mercury, the messenger of the gods. From the god of ways, sleep and dreams one hoped for divined inspiration and insights regarding the goals of the own life.

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Each glasses chain comes in a gift box.
Rock crystal, emerald and smoky quartz - three popular gemstones!