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Crystal Harmony Band "Wisdom" with Fluorite Octaeder
Crystal Harmony Band "Wisdom" with Fluorite Octaeder
Product number 0600010706
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Crystal Harmony Band "Wisdom" with Fluorite Octaeder

Crystal Harmony Bands - In Unison with Mother Earth

Although each of us carries the infinite power of the universe within us, the Crystal Harmony Bands, through their inherent energies and special form as a catalyst, innerly (drinking energized water) and externally (as a bracelet or necklace), help us take the journey through life with lightness/ease. By wearing and drinking the same theme crystal energy together, the experience is not only doubled but many times more intensive.

For ease of use the Crystal Harmony Bands are available in two lengths: the short version (approx. 18 cm), which can be used for around a slim bottle, a glass or around the wrist and the long version (approx. 62 cm) which can be worn as a necklace and used for more bulbous vessels like decanters. The length of the long Harmony Bands allows the the theme stone to lie on the heart chakra when worn as a necklace.

For more than twenty years now, Gabriela Hilf, herself a mother of four children, has successfully applied selected crystals in her private and professional life. Having acquired extensive knowledge about energetic healing through many trainings, she shares her knowledge in books, seminars and through the Harmony Therapy created by her, so that it benefits many people. Information about the services of mrs. Hilf can be found at www.hilf-heilen.de and in her books which are published by Silberschnur-Verlag.