Chakra Collier "Pearl", 42cm (plus 6cm extension chain);

Chakra Collier "Pearl", 42cm (plus 6cm extension chain)

Cakras (chakra in Sanskrit means: "wheel, wheel, circle") are the power hubs of our body. The doctrine of the chakras is found in many traditional texts, especially from India and China. The traditions vary somewhat as to the number, size and location of the chakras. Most of them mention 7-9 major chakras assumed to lie along the vertical center axis of the body being the main energy centers of the human. Each chakra is associated with a certain quality and a certain conducive gem of the crystal healing from.

This necklace combines classic pearls with the "Chakra-precious stones".

Size: 42cm, plus 6cm extension chain.

Product number 0600010921
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