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Dog Necklace Amber
32 to 50cm (medium)
Product number 0603617015
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Dog Necklace Amber 32 to 50cm (medium)

Amber, the gold of the sea, fascinated people since the beginning. Historical finds show that amber was used for many millennia as a piece of jewelry - worn mostly as a drilled stone with a simple cord around the neck. Since neolithic times, it has been used as a status symbol and jewelry as well as ritual object and for fumigant ceremonies.

All chains are crafted from natural amber (not pressed) and come in a stabile plastic etui with an information about amber in German, English, French and Spanish language. By the metal extension chain at the clasp the necklace can be customized for any dog.

Wearable in lengths from appr. 32 to 50cm

Please note: From 6 pieces on you receive the even more favourable bulk price!

EAN 4034113030230