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Earhook Amber Chips multi-colour
Product number 0603645794
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Earhook Amber Chips multi-colour

Natural amber - not pressed
925 Silver
1 Pair/VE (VE = sales unit)

Amber - the gold of the North

Amber is one of the first gemstones in human history. Finds from the stone age show amber with incised figures, the oldest amber jewelry is about 30,000 years old. In ancient times, amber is known to both greek and roman authors and to its origin and its forces are told myths for thousands of years.

Amber has always been considered a special "stone", although it is not a stone in the traditional sense, but fossilized resin of different trees.
The baltic region is the most famous and largest locality of amber. From there it spread in ancient times about manifold trade routes into the whole of Europe.