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Pendant Tumbled Stone Chiastolite (Andalusite), 925 Silver eyelet
Product number 0604925027
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Pendant Tumbled Stone Chiastolite (Andalusite), 925 Silver eyelet

Our tumled stone pendants are an absolute top product. Only the most beautiful stones are individually hand selected from a huge amount of raw materials.
Each stone is provided with a high quality 925 silver eyelet and is supplied in a nice stone name labeled box.

Chiastolite, also called "cross stone", helps to discover one's own identity and mission in life and to realize them consistently. It supports one's sense of reality and alertness so that illusions might disappear. Chiastolite strengthens the analytical power of the mind and increases awareness.

Eyelet made of 925 Silver

Size of stones: appr.

Please note: From 6 pieces on you'll get the even more attractive bulk price!