Angel Pendant Aventurine (red), 3cm;

Angel Pendant Aventurine (red), 3cm

We attach importance to the fact that the eyelets on our angels are applied only to the back so that the head and the rest of the body remain intact.

The eyelet is made out of silver and each angel is delivered with a small card which explains the characteristics of the red aventurine in german and space for writing the name of the person giving the gift and the name of the recipient - in this way each aventurine angel pendant becomes a personal angel gift!

The angel pendant made from red aventurine stands for the theme „vitality“ and is therefore a good companion in strenuous situations in life that require a lot of power and energy.

Size of pendant appr. 3cm

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Angel Pendant Aventurine (red), 3cm
Angel Pendant Aventurine (red), 3cm
Silver loop on the back of the angle pendant
Information card in german language.