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Mirror Obsidian with Silver Eyelet and Cord, 4cm
Product number 0628825086
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Mirror Obsidian with Silver Eyelet and Cord, 4cm

Mirror diameter: 4cm
925 Silver Eylet
Length and colour of fabric ribbon: appr. 90cm (max. Length to wear: 45cm; black

Since time immemorial people are wearing amulets made of stone to protect themselves from the outside against negative energies. A very popular protective stone is the shimmering black obsidian. When we are in a rush it protects us from too many impressions and energies. With its support we are able quite to stay with us and to separate the important from the unimportant, positive from negative. The black stone brings us into our midst and lets us in it - and thus in us - we are relaxing.

As a pendant worn it protects against leaving too much of our own energy to others and thereby become even powerless. In particular if we in everyday life are surrounded by many people, such as in the office, the bbsidian mirror is a shield against negative forces. Even with individuals who are not well disposed towards us, it can be a valuable protection against subtle attacks.

Especially suitable for optimum protection is the convex form of this outwardly curved mirror as it doesn't take energies from the outside in itself, but throw them back to the originator. Placed above the bed, it should protect the sleeper.

Each obsidian mirror comes in a plastic etui with snap closure and annexes in English, French, German and Spanish on the function of obsidian mirror.