Pendant Shungite with "Flower of Life" silver coloured;

Pendant Shungite with "Flower of Life" silver coloured

Shungite Freeform Tumbled Stone flat with silver-coloured engraving "Flower of Life", eyelet made of 925 Silver

The symbol of the Flower of Life has been known in many cultural groups for thousands of years. The probably oldest image of the sign, consisting of 19 circles, was found in the
Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt. The Flower of Life is considered the symbol for the cosmic order, the circle of life and of complete harmony. The universal and mathematical
regularities like the Theorem of Pythagoras, the Merkabah or the Tree of Life of Kabbalah that are found in the intertwined circles, merge the Flower of Life with the divine
geometry of the platonic solids.

The symbol is popularly worn as a pendant and supports the release of energetic blockades. The energy of life can flow again without interruptions which makes it a symbol favoured for meditation.

Engraved in precious stones the effect of the symbol is supported by the energy of the special gemstone. Shungite stimulates new experiences and supports the balancing of internal contradictions and personality traits. Investments in the future are easier to plan and implement; decisions that lead to later success are supported.

Size of stone: appr. 3 x 4cm

You get the pendant with a 4-lingual information to the "Flower of Life" and the stone healing significance of the Shungite in a plastic case with snap closure and EAN-Number.

Product number 0643225140
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