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Pyrite "Chispa", app 2,0 -4,0 cm (mini)
Pyrite "Chispa", app 2,0 -4,0 cm (mini)
Product number 07124105
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If you order 5kg, you will ge a flat with a weight between 5 and 7kg.

Pyrite "Chispa", app 2,0 -4,0 cm (mini)

"Chispa" is the type of pyrite from Peru which consists mainly of small crystals, grown together which gives it a sparkling and exciting appearance. Ideal gift for little rock collectors!

The size of the pyrite stones is between 2 - 4cm, the weight between 10 - 50 gram/pc.

Starting from an ordered quantity from 5kg or more, you will get a flat with a weight between 5 and 7kg,