Shungite rough, appr.  02 - 05cm (100g/VE);

Shungite rough, appr. 02 - 05cm (100g/VE)

Shungite the "black diamond of Karelia" (Russia) enjoys great popularity among our customers. Fine (or Silver) Shungite shows an extra shine.
This rough stone is wonderful as a room decoration and stone healing applications such. B. meditations and stone circles.

According to crystal healing shungite will help to cope with difficult times. It encourages new experiences and supports the balance of internal contradictions and personality traits. Investments in the future are easier to plan and implement; decisions that lead to later success are supported.

Size of stones: appr. 2 - 5cm

100g / sales unit (about 6 - 7 stones)

Please note: Since shungite mainly consists of carbon, raw stones may fade slightly.

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