Tsesite - Goethite Rough Stones from the area around Tses, Namibia, 5 pc./packing unit

Tsesite (Goethite/limonite) is iron ore, which is covered by desert varnish weathering with a dark coating. The name is derived from the area of Tses where the stones are found. It is a locality name, comparable for example to "thulite" which is a manganese zoisite found in the area of Thule, Norway.

In small scale desert ores have historically been used for iron production as well as amulets and power objects.

According to the crystal healing Goethite is stimulating and activating, gives power and helps to actively implement own ideas and wishes.

In astrology Goethite is assigned to the Virgin.

Beware of people who claim that "Tsesit" is a registered trademark for the stone! These claims could not be verified for the area of the EU until now. They are used by some uncrupulous profiteers who only want to claim some exclusivity that legally does not exist.

Origin: Area around Tses, Namibia
Size of the stones: about 7 x 4cm
5 pc./packing unit corresponds to about 0,9 - 1,1kg

Product number 0948702005
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