Edelstein Balance VitaJuwel "Lebensfreude/Joy of Life" (Garnet, Ruby, Rose Quartz)

The VitaJewel water energizing glass vial is filled with purified water and tumbled gem stones.

Each energizer is a mouth-blown unique piece and shows the age-old European tradition of fine glass work at it’s best. The method of energetically informing water by placing stones in a glass tube into the water container is well described by Michael Gienger and has been widely tested and approved. Michael Gienger stated about the VitaJuwel: "The use of a VitaJuwel water energizer allows convenient production of a highly potent gem water. By encasing the stones in the glass phiole a clean and easy handling is ensured. The aesthetic design of the water energizer also causes a positive experience by the user which further enhances the effect in the gem infused water."

Each VitaJuwel is delivered in a fine and safe gift box. Size of the phiole about 35cm.

Rose Quarz soothes the mind, not making one compliant but rather clarifying the own needs. It provides the power to recognize the things that do good and to demand and implement them. Rose quartz makes one open-minded and helpful for the concerns of fellow humans so that a harmonic life together can be promoted. Empathy, the ability to love and the power of the heart are the themes of this stone - not only the love as a couple but also within the family, circle of friends and lastly also towards oneself. I love my life!

The themes of rose quartz are living one’s life, sensuality, cheerfulness and the resulting joy of life.

Product number 1000006225
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Each Vita Juwel is delivered in a fine and safe gift box. Size of the phiole about 35cm.
The decanter (No. 10.000.06260) will make the Vite Jewel looking more attractive
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