VitaJuwel Crystal Edition "Passion" (Carneol, Halite)

The vial "Passion" conveys the theme of "Passion." Like no other stone carnelian stands for stability, idealism, courage and energy. Halite helps to dissolve old patterns and procedures, makes lively and optimistic. The two minerals are combined in this Vita Juwel®, that helps in perfect harmony implementing ideas with commitment and enthusiasm to take on challenges.

Each energizer is a mouth-blown unique piece and shows the age-old European tradition of fine glass work at it’s best. The method of energetically informing water by placing stones in a glass tube into the water container is well described by Michael Gienger and has been widely tested and approved. Michael Gienger stated about the Vita Juwel: "The use of a Vita Juwel water energizer allows convenient production of a highly potent gem water. By encasing the stones in the glass phiole a clean and easy handling is ensured. The aesthetic design of the water energizer also causes a positive experience by the user which further enhances the effect in the gem infused water."

VitaJuwel - the most elegant way to prepare gemstone water. Whether as a fine gift for someone special , as " eye-catcher" on the shop counter or in the spa area of a hotel - the beautiful , glass vials filled with gems are now here to stay.

The VitaJuwel water energizing glass phiole is filled with purified water and tumbled gem stones. The phioles are about 35cm long and are each individually delivered in an elegant and safe gift box.

No shipping at low temperatures, as otherwise frost damage possible!

Product number 1000006232
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Each VitaJuwel is delivered in a fine and safe gift box.
The decanter (No. 10.000.06260) will make the VitaJuwel looking even more attractive
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