VitaJuwel Gran Fontana-Set "Slim and Slender / Fitness" (red Jasper, Magnesite, Rock Crystal)

Hundreds of hotels, restaurants, shops and medical practices around the world offer their guests every day gemstone-energized water in the elegant "Gran Fontana-Set". The easy to use handy tap at the dispenser invites the guests to serve themselves whim.

The set consists of the dispenser (about 5 liters) with lid and stand (total height approx 67cm), a flyer stand with 100 flyers (in german translation) and the glassphiole "Fit & Lean" with red Jasper, Magnesite & Rock crystal.

Please avoid strong temperature fluctuations such as washing in the dishwasher or use with ice water. This way caused complaints will not be accepted!

Product number 1000006285
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Stand (delivery without glasses)