Dispenser Start-Set : No 1 Desk-Dispenser, No 2 filling,  400 Info-Cards;

Dispenser Start-Set : No 1 Desk-Dispenser, No 2 filling, 400 Info-Cards

Tumbled stone machines
- Collecting fun for small stone Friends -

Our machines are shapely and robust sales aids, filled with tumbled stones or capsules. They are ideal customer stopper before stores, stalls or in shopping malls, as the colorful diversity of the content jumps readily apparent to everyone.

The machines guarantee secure transactions and prevent the theft of loose stones and small parts. The supplied info cards you can hold ready at the counter and put your stamp on the back - the customer takes your advertising with him everywhere he goes.

After selling the first filling the machine is fully paid and yours! When re-filling bonuses of up to 500 % are possible!

The work of the machine is made entirely of metal, so the machine have a very long life!

- No 1 machine for the counter
- Colourful eye-catching filling with small tumbled stones
- Floorspace: appr. 17x17cm, height appr. 40cm
- The work takes 1 Euro coins

Please note: Warranty claim only when using the original refill-packs

Product number 1000040230
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