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Pop-Up Display "Wellness Stones" (24 packs)
Pop-Up Display "Wellness Stones" (24 packs)
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Pop-Up Display "Wellness Stones" (24 packs)

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The traditional art of natural healing and shamanism has always known about the exceptional powers which the petrified treasures of nature hold. The different ways in which stones are formed, their composition, structure and color connect with the various fields of human life and experience resonance and can therefore accompany us as aides in everyday life. This set contains the most popular stones that are used in wellness, with massages and in lithotherapies today:

Amethyst: Many love the amethyst because of its calming aura which is often experienced spiritually. It promotes recovery and soothes the soul. The ideal companion in a hectic environment.

Aventurine: The aventurine is popular with young and old. The green color connects to nature and the season of spring and so helps us to find harmonious peace. A good stone for falling asleep.

Rock Crystal: The clear rock crystal stands for pureness and vital energy. The rock crystal can help us stay on track when there is turmoil and confusion around or within us. An ideal companion for people with responsibility.

Rose Quarz: The stone of the gentle, feminine element. It is the stone of love, empathy and the power of the heart. Ideal for when our spiritual feelings are needed more than a keen mind.

Sodalite: The dark blue color of the sodalite imparts self-confidence and can be an ideal companion when rest, peace and and a certain amount of space does us good.