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Pop-Up Display "Dream Stones" (24 packs)
Pop-Up Display "Dream Stones" (24 packs)
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Pop-Up Display "Dream Stones" (24 packs)

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Since ancient times, people have perceived their experiences during dreams with a mixture of fear and joy. Wonderful wishful images have been reported as often as horrible and upsetting horror scenarios. All sources and also modern research into dreaming agree in the opinion, that healthy sleep and beneficial dreaming is very important for human well-being.

Already in early times, people of different cultures tried to protect themselves during the vulnerable time of sleep and attempted keeping bad dreams and visions away from themselves. The indian tradition uses the "dreamcatcher" - a handwoven net that is hung over the place of sleep so that bad dreams can get caught in the net. Many traditions also employ special gemstones to accompany one during the dream and as an aid for quickly slipping into a restful sleep. In this Dream Stone Set you will find the following stones:

Amethyst: The amethyst is the stone of the mental journey, for clearing and handling the things that accompany us beyond the day. It helps us to process these burdens and to make us free for deep, restful sleep.

Aventurine: The aventurine quarz is considered the wellness stone. It may help to find the necessary peace and serenity to fall asleep soundly.

Black Turmaline: The black turmaline is a classic protection stone which helps relieve external disturbances and which accompanies us on the spiritual journey during our dreams with it's protective character. Anti-Nightmare Stone.

Try it yourself - put one or all three dream stones under your pillow. You can also carry them with you during the day, especially if you are expecting a gruelling day.