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Pop-Up Display "Pure Energy" (24 packs)
Pop-Up Display "Pure Energy" (24 packs)
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Pop-Up Display "Pure Energy" (24 packs)

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The rock crystal is one of the oldest gemstones and highly valued in many cultures. The Greeks gave it the name "Crystallos" which meant permanently frozen ice, ice that never melts. Due to its clarity and coolness it was considered the domicile of the gods, a belief that also the Romans followed. The Indians of northern America honor the crystal to this day. As a sign of the closeness of our physical being to earth, rock crystals have been laid into the cradles of newborn babies. In far eastern tradition the clear rock crystal to this day is considered an ideal companion for meditations and all kinds of spiritual work. A clear rock crystal globe is also often placed in the cornerstone of temples or other important buildings. This tradition has been retained to this day by Feng Shui architects in order to penetrate residential and office buildings with the power and clarity of crystals.

There are many possibilities to tap the powers of crystals. You can either carry the crystals with you or place yourself in a circle of crystals - for example for a meditation. Many people place the crystals in their drinking water and so make use of the power of water as a carrier of spiritual information. Crystals can be placed on the body or they can be carefully stroked along the energy channels of the body. A crystal can be your daily companion or used during the night as a protective stone by placing it under the pillow. Try it out yourself and allow the crystals to harmonize with you.