Pop-Up Display "Pendants Gemstones" large (18 boxes);

Pop-Up Display "Pendants Gemstones" large (18 boxes)

Your product benefits: Ready to sell in seconds - beneficial purchase prices - easy to mix and match - Information leaflet in 4 languages - large target group (audience) - small space requirement (less then A4 - Paper size).

Gemstones distinguish themselves from other stones by their rarity, color, hardness or transparency - they are the jewels of the earth. Since ancient times mankind has been fascinated by gemstones and has used them in many ways: in ritual objects, as jewelry, as amulets and lucky charms or for healing purposes. Obviously owning a rare stone also indicated the high social status of its owner. They were processed into sophisticated pieces of art, were collected and proudly displayed. Many gemstones have a long history of mythological traditions and allocations.

Each of the 18 plastic boxes contains:
1 pendant (app. 2-4cm), drilled with cotton string,
Information leaflet in 4 languages (english, german, french and spanish)

Product number 1000040408
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Pop-Up Display "Pendants Gemstones" large (18 boxes)
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