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Pop-Up Display "Crystals from around the world" (18 boxes)
Pop-Up Display "Crystals from around the world" (18 boxes)
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Pop-Up Display "Crystals from around the world" (18 boxes)

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For many centuries crystals have fascinated mankind because of their form and scarcity. They are even attributed to having secret powers. However, the true secret of these impressive crystalline forms is a different one: The are the outwardly visible images of the inner structures of the corresponding mineral. Crystals reflect a very special inner order which becomes visible through the sharp and symmetrical angles and surfaces. Through complex geological processes, even the smallest crystalline seeds can grow into magnificent crystals. They are unique fingerprints of the development of our earth and tell us about the conditions that prevailed deep within the earth many millions of years ago.

Crystals in your Collection:

Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Smoky Quarz - SiO2
Threefold symmetry, trigonalAll three stones belong to the quartzes that are have many special crystalline forms like for example Double Ends, Scepter Crystals

Calcite and Aragonite - CaCO3
Mineral with the most prolific forms ever. There are several in the collection

Pyrite - FeS2
Fourfold symmetry, cubical. Often beautiful, shiny golden dice like crystals.

Silicon Carbide SiC
Synthetically produced crystalline product and an important abrasive.

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