Pop-Up Display "Fossil Shark Teeth" (90 boxes);

Pop-Up Display "Fossil Shark Teeth" (90 boxes)

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The petrified shark tooth is evidence of the frightening shark Otodus Obliquus which roamed the paleogene seas. Similar to rays, sharks also have a cartilage skeleton instead of a bone skeleton. Since these seldom petrified, completely preserved shark fossils are very rare - usually only the animal's teeth remained. Another reason for the teeth having been preserved so well is the way the teeth of a shark are replaced: Sharks produce countless teeth during their lives. When one tooth was worn away or simply fell out - which could easily be the case with their predatory lifestyle - it was immediately replaced by another tooth which was in place and ready right behind the old tooth. The teeth of the Otodus could reach the size of 5 cm!

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Pop-Up Display "Fossil Shark Teeth" (90 boxes)
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