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Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossils" (18 boxes)
Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossils" (18 boxes)
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Pop-Up Display "Pendants Fossils" (18 boxes)

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Fossils are the petrified witnesses of the development of life on our planet. They contain the traces of animals or plants that inhabited our earth many millions of years ago. Special circumstances during sedimentation prevented that these forms of life disappeared. Most often the quick deposit of airtight layers led to the conservation and gradual petrification of these forms of life. Resistant materials like teeth, bones, shells and other hard parts were more likely to survive for millions of years and today fascinate us with their distinguishing form, rarity and age.

Petrified shark tooth, about 50-60 million years old, Morocco. The tooth is witness to the frightening shark Otodus Obliquus which roamed the paleogene seas.

Petrified goniatite, about 350 million years old, Morocco. Because they were slow swimmers, they lived close to the bottom of the oceans. Usually only the shell is preserved.

Petrified Coral, bout 20 million years old, Indonesia. The volcanic Indonesian islands are home to many places of discovery of petrified coral embedded in volcanic ashes.

Petrified wood, about 200 million year old, Madagascar. In the course of millions of years the wooden substance has been completely replaced by jasper.