Pop-Up Display "Amber Polishing Set";

Pop-Up Display "Amber Polishing Set"

With this new display your clients can discover the mystical powers of amber and learn how already our forefathers made out of their rare amber amulets and pendants. Through the supplied abrasive papers with different grits natural crust of amber can be gradually removed, so the natural beauty and color of the piece comes to light. Each can contains a real bored, unpolished natural amber, various abrasive papers, tissue strip and a four-lingual instructions.

Each case with four languages Fact Sheet (English, German, French, Spanish).

Raw (natural not pressed) amber with hole and tape.

Your product features: Instant salable - cheaper purchase price - ideal for combining - four languages Info Cards - large target group - small footprint (less than an A4 sheet)

Product number 1000040442
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Pop-Up Display "Amber Polishing Set"
Pop-Up Display "Amber Polishing Set"
Rough amber with stting
sandpaper (included in every pouch)