Pop-Up Display "Eggs mixed" (32 boxes)

The display shows perfecty the nice colours and brilliant lustre of the lovely gemstone eggs. Each egg comes with a little paper box.

Colourful mix of popular gemstones, including rock crystal and amethyst

32 gemstone eggs, appr. 3 x 4cm

Your product benefits:
+ Ready to sell within seconds
+ beneficial purchase prices
+ easy to mix and match
+ Information leaflet in 4 languages
+ large target audience
+ small space requirement (less then A4 - Paper size).

Each of the 32 paper boxes contains and onformation leaflet in 4 languages (english, german, french and spanish).

EAN of the small boxes 40 34113 02807 7; EAN display 40 34113 02806 0

Product number 1000040611
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Each egg comes with a little box.
The box has a sticker with the EAN code on the bottom.
Of course, the popular rose quartz eggs are also within the display.