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Feng Shui Energy Band West
Special offer!
Product number 1000070031
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Feng Shui Energy Band West Special offer!

Amethyst and Rock Crystal
Issue: Peace, Creativity, Universal Energy

The Feng Shui Gemstone Energy Bands consist of three donuts with 4cm diameter, they are strengthened and energetically connected by an exclusive, colour handsome matching fabric belt in a special threading and knotting.
Each energy band corresponds to a direction and a specific life issue, which is assigned to each point of the compass in Feng Shui.
The energy bands can be placed on strengthening the individual direction and over the front door or important room doors as children-, bed- or study room on the activation and improvement of space energy. Also on working desks, next to the bedding or on the dining or conference table, the bands can be used.

Size of Donuts: 4cm