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VitaJuwel ViA Crystal Edition "Golden Moments"
(Rhinegold, Halite, Garnet)
Product number 1000084011
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VitaJuwel ViA Crystal Edition "Golden Moments" (Rhinegold, Halite, Garnet)

In Golden Moments we pause for an instant, reflect the things in life that truly matter and leave everyday’s stress behind. Those moments cannot be weighed in gold. The astonishing beauty of this blend left ourselves deeply moved. Its crystal structure reflects the mixture’s unique ingredients: hand-mined Gold from the River Rhine, Halite - the "Salt of Kings" - and a fiery Garnet. With this blend, we’d like to excite you to present yourself with more of those Golden Moments and to feel this special magic that is inherent in this vial with every glass of gem water.

Height: 22cm
Diameter: 6,8cm
The glass cylinder is dishwasher-safe. Cover and insert with stones must be cleaned by hand.
rec. sales price 234,95 €

VitaJuwel ViA - gemstone energized water TO GO
The method of energetically informing water by placing stones in a glass tube into the water container is well described by Michael Gienger one of the developers of the modern analytical crystal healing and has been widely tested and approved. He stated about the VitaJuwel: "The use of a Vita Juwel water energizer allows convenient production of a highly potent gem water. By encasing the stones in the glass phiole a clean and easy handling is ensured. The aesthetic design of the water energizer also causes a positive experience by the user which further enhances the effect in the gem infused water."

With the water-energizer ViA VitaJuwel implemented an absolutely innovative bottle design: A bottle that can be opened on both sides! On one side you change as you like numerous gemstone inserts easily against each other, on the other you fill the bottle with water - done. With this cutting-edge technology VitaJuwel opens up new possibilities: Discover gem water TO GO with the stylish, stable ViA!

Fill the gemstone bottle on - wherever you like - and prepare your own fresh spring water to gem. Whether you are on your way to work, while shopping in the bustling city, on vacation at the beach or in a deep breath at the summit cross: ViA is the ideal companion for traveling.

Cleaning made easy: Simply unscrew the screw caps on either side of the bottle, it is already in an instant and easy to clean.
The glass cylinder is dishwasher-safe. Cover and insert with stones must be cleaned by hand.

89 billion liters of water bottled in plastic bottles annually worldwide. 1500 plastic bottles (!) Are consumed per second in the US alone. 80 percent of these bottles are not recycled. Are made of PET plastic bottles, which in turn is produced from petroleum. The transport of bottled water is energy intensive in the usually long supply routes and pollutes the environment. With reusable glass bottles as VitaJuwel ViA you make a valuable contribution to the protection of nature.

Vita Juwel ViA consists of lead-free pollutant-free borosilicate glass and combines generous 500 ml.