VitaJuwel ViA Protection Sleeve Silicone threepart

Get an even better grip on your VitaJuwel ViA gemwater bottle and try one of our stylish and practical VitaJuwel protection sleeves. The cloud-white silicone sleeve covers the hip of your VitaJuwel ViA and makes it look even more sporty. And you know what? VitaJuwel designed it to still guarantee a premium view on your precious stones in the gempod. VitaJuwel ViA silicone sleeve prevent your VitaJuwel ViA from getting scratches and helps with soft bumps.

rec. sales price 9,95 €

The ViA bottle shown on the picture comes not with the delivery.

Product number 1000084119
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The threepart sleeve protects lid and part of the glass part.