VitaJuwel "Wine Set";

VitaJuwel "Wine Set"

Even before our recordation of time, the ancient Greek knew about the special effect that amethysts have on the flavor of liquids and used them to enhance their wines. The Greek translation for amethyst is "the nonintoxicable". Selected wineries and professional sommeliers rediscovered this tradition and achieved amazing results by using VitaJuwel vials. While maintaining its fruity aroma, the gems in the VitaJuwel Vino soften the wine's natural acids thereby making it smoother to enjoy. The VitaJuwel "Vino" contains shiny amethysts and brilliant rock crystal. It is hand crafted with a unique curved surface.

Set with a VitaJuwel vial and a bottle of red wine.

Product number 1001206251
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VitaJuwel "Wine Set"