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Dragon Aventurine, appr. 08,5 cm
Product number 1003174002
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Dragon Aventurine, appr. 08,5 cm

Nice dragon carving with many details.
Lenght about 8,5cm, height about 5cm.

The dragon is a Chinese symbol oflLuck for domestic happiness, prosperity and protection.

In the Chinese tradition of auspicious symbols, the dragon occupies a central role. As one of the four beings of the cardinal points and as the central symbol in Feng Shui (literally: „Wind and Water“), the dragon stands for the new beginning. It embodies the East, the place where the sun rises and from which the spring rains come. It is a powerful symbol for the good rains which bring rich harvests and hence stands for prosperity and lasting success. Many Chinese companies use the dragon as part of the their company logo to ensure its powers.

In Feng Shui, the Chinese teaching for creating harmonious rooms, the dragon is used in many situations. In combination with the power animal of the south, the Phoenix, it stands for Ying and Yang and marital bliss. Carved out of green gemstone, the dragon is the prominent symbol of protection of the Far East and stands for Yang energy.

The dragon carving, made out of green aventurine, is about 8,5 cm long and lovingly hand-engraved; small deviations in the numerous details are therefore possible.