One Hand Rod Rose Quartz;

One Hand Rod Rose Quartz

Dowsing rods, also known as bio-tensors or divining rods, are a proven tool for detecting energy fields and disturbances. With their aid it is possible to substantiate premonitions, oscillations and impressions locally.

In crystal healing, dowsing rods are popularly used to figure out the right stone for a certain situation or for a person. The Lapis VitalisĀ® dowsing rods are perfectly suited to find the suitable stone at the beginning of a treatment, during a consultation or for a valued person.

Amethyst ist particularly appropriate for divining with the dowsing rod because it is the stone that stands for the topics regarding attention, composure and peace.

Rose quartz is greatly appreciated for dowsing rods because in modern crystal healing it represents the power of the heart, empathy and the clarification of needs.

Handle (approx. 1,8 x 8 cm) and swinging ball (approx. 1,2 cm) are made of Rose Quartzt; the wire is made of nickel-free metal (approx. 20 cm); total length approx. 29 cm.

Delivered in the popular blue Lapis VitalisĀ® gift box.

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One Hand Rod Rose Quartz
One Hand Rod Rose Quartz
One Hand Rod Rose Quartz
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