Pendulum Petrified Wood "Rootedness";

Pendulum Petrified Wood "Rootedness"

The history of pendulum dowsing can be traced back to over 4000 years ago. For whatever purpose you with to use a pendulum – for divination, as advisor or for providing the answer for urgent questions – a genuine gemstone pendulum is the perfect tool.

Each pendulum comes in a plastic pouch with a manual and pendulum chart in 4 languages.

The pendulum itself and the sphere are made of petrified wood, the chain is nickelfree metal.

A petrified wood pendulum is particularly suitable for an inquiry connected with the topics of rootedness and stability.

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Pendulum Petrified Wood "Rootedness"
Pendulum Petrified Wood "Rootedness"
Pendulum petrified wood with instruction leaflet
Each pendulum comes with an pendulum chart!