Varius Circle Silver gold plated frosted, 50mm

The concept of our "Varius circle" pendant is simple and striking: endless possibilities of combinations allow a very flexible and adaptable appearance of your piece of jewellery. The Varius circle consists of the round silver frame which comes in different surface structures such as polished, matt, hammered, gold plated and a range of drilled focal components for the center of the circle. Four soldered half-eyelets on the back side of the circle will hold your leather lace, silk rope, silver or rubber or wire choker in place. They can easily be slid through the first two eyelets, then through the focal component and then through the other two eyelets. The round silver circle frames the center focal component and enhances it's stunning appearance. With our wide range of matching focal components you will be able to create new looks of your Varius circle pendant easily. Your customers will keep coming back for more parts...

Product number 1209400302
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