Pewter Amulet Solar Disc;

Pewter Amulet Solar Disc

Top series 'amulets'

The large pendant series 'amulets' adds a variety of distinctive emblems of different cultures to a kaleidoscope of ancient knowledge and popular beliefs together. The designs of the amulets always draw on old traditions, records and archaeological finds.

The characters were carefully poured into high-grade, nickel-free pewter.
Each pendant is strung with an agate stone on a fabric cord protection and come with a strikingly designed card that explains the character's cultural background. Worn as jewelry your personal amulet will be the subject of much discussion. Presented as a gift it brings in an ideal way the good wishes of the giver.

Amulet: "solar disk"

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Pewter Amulet Solar Disc
Pewter Amulet Solar Disc